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Terms and Conditions for Winter Storage

The following pricing is in effect for winter storage of cars, boats, campervans and similar


Prices valid from the autumn of 2020  
Units up to 7,0 m long
NOK 2 500,-
Units of 7,01 – 9,0 m length
NOK 2 900,-
Units of 9,01 – 11,0 m length
NOK 3 750,-
Units of 11,01 – 13,0 m length
NOK 4 200,-
Connected for trickle charging battery NOK 690,-

The payable length of each item is the total length including any bicycle rack and so on. The units will be measured after they arrive and the appropriate invoice will be issued accordingly.


The unit(s) will be stored in cold storage i.e. not in a heated room in Salangsverket, and we will therefore highlight that the temperature is expected to go below zero during the winter months. The tenant must therefore ensure that e.g. watertanks and toilet facilities in e.g. campervans are taken care accordingly so that these are not damaged during the storage.


We want to highlight that all units are expected to depart the winterstorage facilities within the Month of May. For delays in pickup there will be an additional cost of 10% pr. Month. The winter storage agreement for each item expire when the units are picked up from our storage facilities. BenAas Eiendom as will not refund any amount of the storage fee if a customer decide to pick up their unit earlier (prior to May). BenAas Eiendom as has the right to withheld the unit(s) in the cases where there are outstanding payments including any interest and penalties for late pickup.

If a customer wish to arrive or depart during the wintermonths, then the customer should expect to have to pay the cost for snowremoval so as to get the unit out of the storagehalls. This as BenAas Eiendom as does NOT normally remove snow around the buildings during the wintermonths.

We wish to highlight that the owners self has to insure their items during the storage period. BenAas Eiendom as ONLY insure their own properties, and under no circumstances will the stored items be covered by this insurance.

Mark your items:
All individual stored units has to be clearly marked with the contact persons name, address, phone number, and email addresses. This so that  BenAas Eiendom as easily can find and contact the owner of the units should such be necessary.

The basic rental conditions are also noted on each invoice, and these conditions are deemed to be accepted when the item(s) arrive at BenAas Eiendom as premises.

Please feel free to contact us if anything is unclear, or if you need further elaboration on these conditions.