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About Salangen

Benaas Eiendom Salangen ÅrbostadtindenBusiness in Salangen:

Salangen is a business friendly community, very helpful to anyone looking to establish their business here.

Salangen community deep sea harbour at Salangsverket Business Park to help boost the potential for local companies in this excellent business park.


Sjøvegan as a regional center:

The community center Sjøvegan is a regional center for the area of "Indre Sør-Troms", which consists of the communities Salangen, Dyrøy, Lavangen, Gratangen and Bardu.  The population of this region is roughly 10 600.


Benaas Eiendom Sjøvegan sentrumSome distances (along the road);

Narvik 95 km, Finnsnes 75 km, Bardufoss airport 60 km, Harstad / Narvik airport Evenes 105 km, Tromsø 200 km.

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